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Are You Ready to Pull the Trigger?

Navigating California's Firearm Laws ain't easy! That's what Goodland Guns specializes in: Our 10+ years of experience behind enemy lines will save you time and headache. Whether it's your first or fifth firearm we're here to make things easy for you. We offer a large selection from top brands and we've been helping customers find California Legal rifles, pistols, and shotguns since 2013. We're located in Goleta, the Goodland.


These new California Legal micro compacts are the perfect option for CCW license holders and those looking for a concealable option with standard capacity.

Micro Red Dots: Elevate Your Shooting Accuracy and Speed with our wide range of micro reflex sights from top brands like Trijicon, Sig Sauer, Holosun and more.

Discover high-quality weaponlights for enhanced visibility and accuracy. Choose from a variety of brands like Cloud Defensive, Streamlight, and SUREFIRE. Shop now and brighten up your shooting experience.

Enhance your shooting accuracy and precision with our wide range of Red Dot Sights. Browse top brands like Leupold, Eotech, Trijicon, and Holosun for the perfect sight to suit your needs.

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