Intrafamilial Transfers

Inheriting something from your father/mother/son/daughter?

Follow this guide for sending out of state intrafamilial transfers to Goodland Guns.

Use this letter as a template. Include a copy of your ascendant's or descendant's ID with the letter. Make sure the letter has their name and signature clearly legible on template.

Your ascendant or descendant must first complete a 4473 for said firearm. Then they will take the firearm you are inheriting to their local dealer and have it shipped to us. The out of state dealer and Goodland Guns will exchange licenses. Arrange shipping and associated fees with the out of state dealer.

Once the firearm is received at Goodland Guns you'll come down and start the 4473 and DROS application. Bring with you your REAL ID, Firearm Safety Card, and proof of residence(s). You can see what other types of supporting documents are accepted here.

The transfer fee for intrafamilial transfers is the same as our Internet Transfer Fee plus state fees.