Firearm Storage

If you're in Goleta, Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, or nearby areas and are faced with a Restraining Order (RO), Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), Gun Violence Restraining Order (GVRO), or are otherwise ordered to relinquish your firearms, ammunition, and magazines, we offer secure storage.

We recommend surrendering your firearms as soon as you are served, otherwise you may wait until you are ordered. Make sure your firearms are unloaded and bring them to the store in a case or gun sock. We understand that your paperwork needs to be filed expeditiously and electronically submit it while you wait. If you don’t have the DV-800/JV-252 form we can print it out and complete our portion.

After the RO, TRO, or GVRO are dropped and rights restored you must return to the store and complete an Application to Purchase a Firearm (4473) and background check (DROS). Wait 10 days and if approved, pickup your firearms. Your ammunition and magazines will be returned with your firearms.

Whether you're a traveler seeking secure firearm storage during your absence or a student or resident in a firearm-restricted environment, we offer both short and long-term secure storage options.

Acquisition/Disposition Fees:

$100 / hr for processing ATF paperwork, DOJ paperwork, DV-800/JV-252, acquisition, disposition. Half hour minimum. Does not include DROS fees.

DROS Fee: 


Storage Fee:

$30 per firearm per month and/or $150 per bin month


The acquisition fee, DROS Fee, 3 months storage fees.


Unused storage fees will be issued as store credit and applied to disposition fees and any unpaid storage fees. If your DROS is delayed and returns as Undetermined Goodland Guns will not complete the DROS and firearms will not be returned until a DROS returns Approved. We recommend waiting 30 days after judgement before beginning DROS paperwork. Accounts unpaid over 60 days will become property of Goodland Guns and will be sold when unpaid balance exceeds value of firearms.


Your property will be stored in one of our secure facilities that are temperature controlled. All items must be enclosed in a case or sock when surrendered. We have gun socks available for purchase at the store.


Stored items may still sustain damage over time, such as rust. Goodland Guns will not be held liable for any damage that occurs in this manner. To help prevent such damage, we offer cleaning and lubrication services for purchase. While these services can reduce the likelihood of firearms or accessories being damaged over time, they do not transfer liability to Goodland Guns should your stored items sustain damage as time passes. In the event of any natural disaster Goodland Guns holds no liability for damage or total loss to the stored items as a result of the disaster or the reasonable responses to the disasters. In the event that the ample security measures are circumvented Goodland Guns holds no liability as every possible reasonable precaution has been taken.


Many people find that selling their firearms is convenient, meets court requirements and offers financial relief when needed. We provide a hassle-free experience, making an immediate cash offer without any fees. Plus, we handle all necessary paperwork and form DV-800/JV-252, page 2.