Buying Guns and Ammo Online

Online Ammunition Restrictions by State:

Alaska No Ammo
California Ammo OK to FFL/AVL
Connecticut Ammo OK w/ AEC or Pistol Permit and State ID
Cook County, IL Ammo OK to FFL
Chicago, IL Ammo OK to FFL
Illinois Ammo OK with FOID and State ID
Hawaii No Ammo
Massachussets Ammo OK to FFL
New Jersey Ammo OK with FPIC or Pistol Permit
New York, NY Ammo OK to FFL
New York No Ammo
APO & FPO Address No Ammo
PO Boxes No Ammo
Washington D.C. No Ammo

California Online Orders

All CA ammo orders must be shipped to a valid CA Ammunition Vendor or FFL and we must have a copy of this on file before being able to ship your order. On average this adds 1-2 business days to fulfillment but may take longer. If you already have a regular FFL, reply to your order confirmation email with their contact information.

Verify before placing an order, we charge a 15% fee for cancelled ammunition orders.

Local Customers, or Buy Online Pickup in Store:

Orders including ammo require a background check. The price online does not reflect the transfer fee. Our current transfer fees are calculated at checkout.

California DOJ Ammunition Purchase Requirements (At dealer/time of transfer)

CA Real ID/DL or CA ID/DL w/ Passport or Certified Birth Certificate. If your information is not entered exactly as your most recent firearm purchase then you will be denied. We recommend you bring a copy of your latest DROS, or have a picture of one on your phone to mitigate denials. We do not charge a fee for reprocessing denials on the same day, but your dealer might, and the DOJ definitely does. Keep in mind, if your ID doesn't match the address you need a proof of residence.

Buying Guns Online




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Once you've found the perfect gun for you, we'll handle the shipping to the FFL of your choice for pickup and background check. Your dealer will then guide you through the NICS check process and facilitate a legal transfer of the firearm to you.


Our extensive selection of guns means you'll never have to worry about whether your local gun shop has the specific model you're looking for.

Confused by California gun laws? We tag every firearm with a CA Compliant option so you can easily filter through non-California compliant firearms and be confident you won't get denied by your local dealer.

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We'll contact your FFL to confirm the transfer and exchange licenses.


After you've placed your order, be ready when it's time to start paperwork or pick up your gun. From our experience this is what to expect when you visit your FFL dealer.

Gun Arrival

Tracking information will be provided as soon as your order ships so you'll know when your gun has arrived at your local FFL dealer's location. Once your order has arrived, contact your local FFL dealer to schedule a time to transfer your firearm. Please make sure to pick up your gun within two weeks of arrival at the FFL dealer's location as most dealers will charge storage fees.

Gun Inspection

Federal regulations do not allow firearms to be returned. Please inspect your gun thoroughly before starting the transfer. If the gun received at your local FFL is incorrect or damaged in shipment, do not take possession of the gun and please contact us. After transfer, any warranty or repair work must be coordinated directly with the gun manufacturer.


Don't forget your driver's license. Also, some states/locations require additional documentation or licenses for gun ownership. Please check your local laws to make sure you have everything you need. For more information, please see How To Buy A Gun in California.

NICS Check

Anyone buying a gun online must pass a National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS Check) before the FFL Dealer can transfer possession. A waiting period may be required depending n the state. For more information on California requirements, please see DOJ's website.

Transfer Fees

Most FFL dealers will charge a transfer fee for their service. Please check or call your local FFL dealer for more information.